Betting Library

Selection of betting papers and studies

Baker, McHale - Optimal Betting Under Parameter Uncertainty Improving the Kelly Criterion

Bergmann etal - Linked Soccer Data

Brown - Evidence of In Play Insider Trading on a UK Betting Exchange

Buraimo - ...Analysis of the Fink Tank Predictions

Cantinotti etal - Sports Betting Can Gamblers Beat Randomness

Dixon, Coles - Modelling Association Football Scores and Inefficencies in the Football Betting Market

Dixon, Robinson - A Birth Process Model for Association Football Matches

Dobson, Goddard - Is There Persistence in Sequences of Consecutive Football Results

Emonet - Revisiting Statistical Applications in Soccer

Fu etal - On...Distribution of the Longest Run

Gainsbury, Blaszczynski - How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology Could Revolutionize Online Gambling

Gainsbury etal - Considering Gambler's Views of a Precommitment System

Gibson etal - The Best Probability Model for Exacta

Goddard, Asimakopoulos - Modelling Football Match Results and the Efficiency of Fixed Odds Betting

Griffiths - Evaluating Responsible Gambling Tools Using Behavioural Tracking Data

Hart - A Betting Mans Reflections on Money

Huang - Inferring Tennis Match Progress from In Play Betting Odds

Insley etal - Issues Related to Sports Gambling

Johnson - Comparing the Professionalization of Pro Gamblers and Pro Video Game Players

Karlis, Ntzoufras - Analysis of Sports Data by Using Bivariate Poisson Models

Karlis, Ntzoufras - Bayesian Modelling of Football Outcomes

Karlis, Ntzoufras - Bivariate Poisson and Diagonal Inflated Bivariate Poisson Regression Models

Karlis, Ntzoufras - Presentation Bayesian and Non Bayesian Analysis of Soccer Data

Lopez Gonzalez etal - ...and Problem Gambling Severity

Macey, Hamari - Investigating Relationships Between Video Gaming Spectating esports and Gambling

Martinen - Creating Profitable Betting Strategy for Football by Using Statistical Modelling

Mathless blog - Fairness of Coin

Olesen - Assessing the Number of Goals in Soccer Matches

Palomino etal - Skill Strategy and Passion an Empirical Analysis of Soccer

Patton, Williams - Quarbs and Efficiency in Spread Betting

Rossiter - Introduction to Statistical Analysis

Salonen - How to Calculate Asian Handicap Odds

Siwei Xu - Efficiency of Bookmakers Odds as Forecasts English Premier League

Snowberg, Wolfers - Explaining the Favorite Longshot Bias

Sofer -Crowd Behavior in Prokofievs The Gambler

Whitrow - Algorithms for Optimal Allocation of Bets on Many Simultaneous Events

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