Goal Ultimate 11 powered by FIFA 22 | David Alaba is the best left center back in the world!

Posted on: 2021-11-12 09:29:26

Real Madrid’s centerback David Alaba was voted as one of the two “best center-backs in the world” beating out Georgio Chiellini and becoming the fourth player to cement his position in the Goal’s Top eleven powered by FIFA 22 as we attempt to identify who you think are the best footballers around the world.

دافيد الابا
The vote was defined as a sweep for David Alaba, who received 58% of the total votes (+1281), while Giorgio Chiellini came second with 21% of the vote (+1281). In third place came Manchester City defender Aymeric Laporte, who received 10% of the total votes (229), ahead of Kimbebe with 161 votes, and Pau Torres, who received 2% of the votes with 53.

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