Betting Data workbook - Football Betting Statistics in Excel file

betting-data workbook Excel file to arm you with detailed football statistics, parsed from the data available at

More than 20 leagues covered, with more than 70 statistical parameters for each league!

Click here to download workbook for current season, 2020/2021
(right click and "Save as"; .xlsx file, ~2.5 MB)

Please note, the workbook includes only the leagues that have started so far; other leagues will be added on the go, as they kick off, or you can add them yourself, following the instructions within the workbook.

Click here for more info, instructions and previous seasons!

CGMBet - A powerful tool for experienced players!

betting-data workbook CGMBet System is a football software with extensive database for 74 leagues from 45 countries in last 15 seasons.

Check all the features: Tables, H2H stats, Ratings, Trackers, Upsets, Advanced goal stats, Database download, Backtesting, Filters...

Click here to get your license!

Glossary of Betting Terminology

Glossary of Betting Terminology Letter-by-letter collection and explanation of frequently used terms and phrases in betting and trading

Ever wondered what does mean Each Way or ROI, what is Heinz or Burlington Bertie and who is Sharp?

More than 150 phrases from betting and trading vocabulary explained in layman terms, with elaboration through external links, examples and resources, for further reading and exercise.

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Betting Library

Betting Library Selection of betting papers and studies

Dixon & Coles - "Modelling Association Football Scores and Inefficencies in the Football Betting Market"

Goddard, Asimakopoulos - "Modelling Football Match Results and the Efficiency of Fixed Odds Betting"

Huang - "Inferring Tennis Match Progress from In Play Betting Odds"

Karlis, Ntzoufras - "Analysis of Sports Data by Using Bivariate Poisson Models"

...and dozens of other titles!

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Lay Betting Explained - concise guide to laying at betting exchanges

Betfair What is actually a "Lay Bet", what does mean lay betting at betting exchange?

Advantages of Lay Betting.

What is my potential risk and winnings in lay betting?

Is there any alternatives to lay betting?

What is Trading?

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Tradepedia - collection of must read threads from Geeks Toy Forum

Geeks Toy Geeks Toy is famous Betfair trading software, and it's also home to the best trading and betting community

Here you can find selected discussions from the forum - these classic posts are great starting point for new traders and a useful resource for those more experienced.

The 5 Stages To Betfair Trading - a little gem on trading mindset

TRADEPEDIA by Knight Rider - free encloypedia that gathers together all the most informative and popular posts and threads from this forum.

Late goals - laying the correct score late in games when there's only a goal in it.

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Why you should invest all your money in paid betting services!

paid betting tips Contemplations over 300$ to 500$ a day with ZERO work! If you don't like easy cash, please leave immediatelly!

If you ever searched internet for a betting-related word or phrase, chances are your screen will be cluttered with offers to "make 2.899 $ weekly without any effort".

So, I have always wondered how it comes there are still poor people? All it takes is to subscribe to one of those services mentioned above, and say goodbay to all your financial troubles!

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FEATURED RANT: The case Cheeky Punter & Bet365: A Pathetic Case of Defending the Undefendable

Cheeky Punter What happens when a minor registers with a bookmaker and manages to make it to money withdrawal?

Why would be money withdrawal by a minor considered illegal, and registering, depositing and betting would be not?

While Cheeky Punter is successfull and valuable resource, and Bet365 renowned bookmaker with good ratings, I took myself time to disagree with Cheeky Punter defending Bet365 ID validation method.

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Excursion to horse racing: What We Learned From The Epsom Derby

Saturday’s Epsom Derby was quite a thing to behold, as has been the case from time immemorial.

Known as just The Derby, the horse race is officially branded the Investec Derby by virtue of its sponsorship. This competition is the richest and most prestigious flat race on the British racing calendar, with a prize fund of around £1.5 million from which the winner claims around £0.8 million.

The Derby, which runs at Epson’s Down’s Racecourse in Surrey, has been around since 1780 and is considered to be one of the top national sporting events in the UK.

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Betting links

Collection of useful betting resources accross the web

Betting Results & Statistics

Odds Comparison & Livescore

Betting Forums, Portals, News & Previews

Betting and Trading Tools

Betting and Trading Blogs

Betfair API Applications

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