How do football and tennis players make money?

It is well known that top players in major sports earn serious money, with football and tennis being in top several sports. Have you ever wondered how do them money are actually generated?!

It is pretty easy and straightforward; if you ever cut a football or tennis ball, you’d have found a set of sensors inside, a steel marble, a ferret made of copper, and set of magnets stuck to the inside wall of the ball. Number of sensors and magnets vary, based on level of the match, higher the level, higher the number; usually, balls for football national league matches and qualifiers, and tennis tournaments up to ATP and WTA level have 2 sensors and 4 magnets, whereas balls for football Internationals and tennis Grand Slams have 8 sensors and 12 magnets.

Balls with sensorsAs players kick the ball back and forth, steel marble moves inside the ball, as deflected by the magnets on the inner wall, and passes through the ferret. Steel marble, forced to pass through copper feret by magnets, generates electricity, which is transmitted to the grid through floodlight poles on football pitch, and umpire chair on tennis court. Grid operator pays back for the energy generated, and the earnings are shared between tournament organizer and players.

Now, where are the sensors in that story, you may ask? Each time a marble drops through the ferret, sensors register which player actually kicked the ball and count the kicks, thus enabling fair share of the earnings. Obviously, top players have better skills to push marble through the ferret, thus generating more electricity, which, in turn, entitles them to bigger share of earnings; hence, they earn more money than mediocre players who are not skilled enough to force marble through the ferret that frequently.

This story may hold true if you asked tennis player who recently did not want to speak to journalists, Naomi Osaka, and football player who moved away Coca-Cola bottles from the press, Cristiano Ronaldo.

But in reality, however, money are generated in a quite different way: from sponsors who pay for the space either on court or on outfits of the players themselves, and by spectators who pay to watch, either live on court or on TV. Bigger the event, bigger the media coverage, which draws more sponsors with higher contribution and more spectators.

Hence, major source of money in sports are media, spectators and sponsors.

If these two drama queens wanted to avoid media and sponsors, they should also give up on money they receive from them. No media, no spectators, no sponsors… no money, as simple as that.

Every job has its great side and its bland side. If you want to enjoy fruits of the great side, you must endure acids of the bland side. You cannot selectively pick the part you like and refuse the part you don’t like, but asking to be paid for both parts! It’s plain hipocrisy!

You enjoy picking the ball back and forth and being top paid woman athlete, but you don’t like paying respect to those who allowed you to earn $60 millions?! You enjoy picking the ball back and forth and netting approximatelly $1 million per week for that, but you don’t like seeing the bottle of a company who contributed to that million?! Now that you full, you bite the hand that fed you once you were hungry, and it just shows how you are disconnected from reality!

There was another example of football player who removed beer from sight, but it’s obvious attention seeker who tried to jump on bandwagon; cannot bother with that case now, it’s rubbish…

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